“What begins with a music-box melody launches into catchy tunes that bop between tightly-woven harmonies, bluesy guitar riffs, a touch of classic jukebox rock’n’roll, and an enthusiastic, effortlessly playful showmanship that is an absolute pleasure to watch.”

— Sad Spaceman Promotions, Nashville TN

Premiering in late 2017, Glam Rock group The Blam Blams have swiftly dazzled their way into the hearts of their hometown Music City with their theatrical performance, powerful harmonies, stick-in-your-head lyricism, and driving rock rhythms.

Following in the footsteps of influences like Queen, David Bowie, and The Beatles, The Blam Blams weave traditional stage elements with clever musicality and lyrical storytelling that is nothing short of an authentic (and sometimes intimate) window into the discovery and exploration of the self to create a unique experience that is as whimsical and energetic as its players.

A year into this journey together, they have performed an abundance of attention grabbing sets around the region. From the spectacle of Brad being carried onto stage as a Christmas gift and hatching from an egg, to powerful guitar solos and jaw-dropping drum breaks, to bassist Rob jumping into the crowd and audience members throwing flowers and panties onto the stage, the Blam Blams put on an unforgettable show.

In December of 2018 The Blam Blams released their debut EP: “The Roll On EP”, and is finalizing writing their first full-length, “Opening Night”, Spring of 2020.

LABEL: Self-Released
HOMETOWN: Nashville, TN
MEMBERS: Brad Owens (Lead Vocals/Keys/Synth)
                      David Estes (Vocals/Guitar)
                      Rob Stewart (Vocals/Bass)
                      Christian Northover (Drums)
CONTACT: The Blam Blams: (Theblamblams@gmail.com)